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Property Management

Been a tenant for awhile and I love doing business with the lovely ladies at Texas Real Estate & Property Management. Sherri and Janice. They are on top of things. When something brakes or needs fixing, it gets done right away! Never had a problem here and I look forward to doing future business with them.

To Whom It May Concern



 Hello, my name is Kirk Anderson. I own a small duplex in the town of Cleburne. I was asked to give a testimonial on behalf of Texas Real Estate Professionals for which they manage my property. I decided to take a moment out of my busy day to do so.


 I bought my property a little over two years ago. I put a management company in charge of it as soon as I purchased it. It had tenants already living there at time of purchase. It was basically a walk into profit scenario for that company and myself. In the matter of 4 months, all my tenants had left, all utilities were turned off, and the property looked abandoned. I was frantic as I was in no place to have to take care of this investment, nor in the position to have it as a full financial liability for my portfolio. A realtor friend of mine put me in contact with Texas Real Estate Professionals. At that point I had no options I was remotely comfortable with so I put them to work for me.


 I was extremely skeptical due to my past experience. Let me just say, their crew came in and got my place presentable and operational. They told me how they stringently screen their potential tenants, from which I was very pleased. I feel strongly I only have good-natured tenants due to it. Since then I have had one tenants leave on their own accord. Texas Real Estate Professional immediately had another long-term tenant of theirs move in and even raised the rent slightly so as to make my positive cash flow all the more great. They have moved even more progressively by implementing direct deposit. Now all I receive is a summary every month of what is happening. I have had no negative experience with them whatsoever since signing their contract.


 I would strongly urge anyone looking for a clean, strong running company with attention to detail to look into Texas Real Estate Professionals. My only regret is that I don’t have ten more properties for them to manage.


Thank you for your time,


Kirk Anderson 



Hard workers!

   I love doing business with the ladies at Texas Real Estate! You won't find a harder working bunch! They stay on top of things and truly care about their properties and the folks they serve. Give them a call or stop by and you will see what I mean!


Been a tenant for quite some time now and couldn't be happier! Have had very little problems with the house we are in but when anything happened they took care of it right away, no hesitation. Never had a bad experience with their staff, always friendly and helpful. I highly recommend going to them if you're looking for a place around town.


I've been a customer for nearly 4 years great professional service wonderful people and a pleasure to deal with.

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